Conference Dinner

We invite all those attending our Conference in Budapest to join us for an evening meal on board the Europa.  

The gala dinner will take place on board while we cruise along the majestic river Danube with its UNESCO World heritage landmark buildings.  A unique way to explore & enjoy Budapest, from the deck of a ship.  


Your gala dinner ticket includes


  • -“Danube Sailor” pálinka selection, dry champagne and iced juice mix


Cold meals

  • -Truffle mozzarella with zucchini salad
  • -Duck liver with royal black cherry jam and scone
  • -Catfish liptauer with fish greaves
  • -Smoked peasant ham with porcini salad
  • -Aubergine tartar with sheep cheese


Warm meals

  • -Sage farmhouse chicken breast with fried paprika sauce
  • -Zander mignon with ginger carrots
  • -Boar dumpling in “Zemplén” style with coriander beetroot
  • -Sheep cheese lasagna with marinated tomatoes and spinach


Side dishes

  • -Two-colored rice
  • -Potato with lovage


Handmade Hungarian cheeses



  • -Mini cakes in Europe style



Unlimited consumption from the following beverages:


  • -Hilltop “Neszmély” Premium
  • -Sauvignon Blanc 2014
  • -Bárdos Pinot Grigio 2014/2015
  • -Gere Portugieser 2014/2015
  • -Juhász “Egri Paptag” Cuvée Superior 2011
  • -Juhász Blue Franc Rosé 2015



  • -Dry or sweet


Soft drinks

  • -Soft drinks with gas (Coca-Cola products)
  • -Juices (Cappy products)
  • -“Szentkirályi” mineral water (with gas or without gas)



  • -Dreher (bottle), Dreher Bak (brown beer), Dreher non-alcoholic
  • -Miller, Kozel, Dreher (draft beer)
  • -Pilsner Urquell (draft beer)


Warm drinks

  • -Segafredo coffee variation
  • -Dilmah tea variation

 & entertainment on Thursday 30th August 2018.  


Please note, tickets can only be obtained by the conference attendees.  However, due to capacity limitations not all conference attendees will be able to attend the gala dinner.  Tickets will therefore be issued on a first-come-first-serve basis.  

Ticket Price in Euro Price in GBP
Dinner Ticket  €85 £75