Craps Betting Basics: Crafting Strategies that Deliver

Craps Betting Basics: Crafting Strategies that Deliver

If you want to come up with an effective craps strategy, you need a good grasp of the odds and the various types of bets you can make when playing the game.

Here are some craps strategy basics you want to learn if you are to play the game better.

Number 2

This is a craps score that a player can only obtain if the dice ended up landing on two 1s. Considering how 36 potential number combinations can be made from two dice with a total of six sides, scoring 2 is a probability of only 1:36. This translates to 35:1. For this particular score, the payout is considerably higher at 30:1. This is lower than the 35:1 you should be getting. The house hedges its best by holding the 5-point difference, saving it for those instances when the player does end up winning with a score of 2.

Due to the decreased odds for this number as well as the equally decreased payout, players are advised to avoid wagering on this number until such time as the “come through” gets completed and you’re going for a don’t pass line bet.

Number 3

In terms of strategy, the number 3 is quite similar to 2 in the sense that it is made by only two possible throws. As a result, the house chooses to up its overall payout. For this particular result, you get a 17:1 which is then pulled down to a 15:1 payout, Most seasoned craps players would usually suggest that players avoid this number. The only exception would be in making bets that are “don’t pass line”.

Pass Line

These bets are generally popular not only in land-based casinos but in online gambling settings as well. This is mainly due to the rather low house advantage that the bet offers. In online crap, the house edge for this particular bet is estimated at 1.4%. To place the bet, a non-shooter initiates it when the dice are rolled by the shooter for the very first time.

This can also be placed when the shooter ends up with a natural or right after he successfully scored a point while attempting to make a second one. For this bet, you win if shooter ends up with an 11 or 7 on the first attempt. However, if shooter will roll a 2, 12 or 3 on the initial throw, you lose.

Come Bets

In this bet, you make the wager after the shooter has successfully established a point. If the very first dice throw right after the “come bet” came out as 2, 3 or 12, you lose. However, if the throw ends up with an 11 or 7, then you get a win. However, if shooter ends up with point number, you lose unless he ends up getting the very same number before he ends up getting a 7.

While these bets do require players to practice several times before they can seamlessly incorporate them in their plays, they are worth looking into if your goal is not only to enjoy the game but to make profits as well. Take advantage of free play software too as this will give you the chance to practice before making bets with real money involved.